Westerra Customer Experiences: Walt and Montel


Why did you decide to build a custom home?

It happened by chance! We had been looking for a home in this area for quite awhile, but we didn’t see anything that made us want to grab it right away. Instead, we found a really nice piece of property for sale. We decided to buy the property and have the house built rather than buy an existing house.

Why did you choose Westerra Custom Homes?

A couple of reasons, actually. The Realtor that we went through recommended Greg. She wasn’t pushy about it; she just said, “If you go through Jennie’s Meadow, you’ll see what one local contractor did.” She said she had received very good feedback about Greg.

We did interview a couple of contractors, Greg included, and we liked and appreciated his style. When we made an appointment with him, he said “Let’s go directly to your site.” And that just made a lot of sense to us. It cut right to the chase—we got his professional opinion of what could happen on that piece of property. Those were the reasons we chose Greg.

What was your experience like building your custom home?

It was very smooth. We were not in the area while our home was under construction. Greg would answer our questions right on time. He’d email or telephone depending on where we were when permits had to be done, and he sent pictures of the house and of the property as it was developed. We got to see everything at the different stages of development without having to be at the site. The process was seamless even though we weren’t right there. We appreciated his ability to answer our questions.

Would you recommend Westerra to someone else building a custom home?

Yes! We liked Greg’s style. Greg and Jeff were both very approachable and very responsive. They would always get back to us quickly if we had a question or wanted something explained or changed. They were very quick and accommodating. We felt a really strong trust factor; they just have an honest way of doing business. They followed up with us, asking us if everything was the way we wanted and whether we had any issues—and that was after we moved in. It was a very good experience. And Westerra finished our home two weeks ahead of schedule and within the original budget!