We are thrilled to announce the building of our new offices.

Westerra Custom Homes

After years of telling myself ‘we’ll build a new office when we slow down,” I finally gave up.  Since we opened our doors, we have been busy non-stop building new single family, town homes and custom homes.

A great problem to have, but sure makes you wait for the new digs.  After years of putting it off, the day has finally come.  Westerra Homes has broken ground on our new offices.  We’re racing to beat the rain, but as you can see from the pictures below, the new Westerra Homes Office is coming right along. 

I guess building all those custom homes and every other kind of home has paid off.  We’re fast and we’re good.  While we’re not in the commercial building business, I think we might have to make a few exceptions here and there and help people not only build their dream home, but their dream office building as well.  There’s nothing we can’t build.  Call Westerra Homes today and let us start building your new custom home or office.