Is A New Custom Home Right for You?

The idea of being the very first owner of a brand-new home is a thrilling one. You’ve chosen the freshly-painted colors yourself and carefully selected the brand-new appliances. The floors are polished to a glow—and you’re the first person to walk across them. Everything is clean, new, and untouched. But new homes offer more than just emotional benefits. They’re more energy-efficient, secure, and customized to your lifestyle, and they incorporate the latest technology and advances in the building industry. Why should you choose new construction? The reasons are clear:


  • New homes are safer. New homes must be built to current codes that demand safety features rarely present in older homes: for example, hard-wired and interconnected smoke and carbon monoxide alarm systems and use of fire-resistant construction materials.
  • New homes are better designed. New homes take advantage of consumer-tested room arrangements, modern designs, and current features like great rooms, walk-in closets, extra bathrooms, tall ceilings, and roomy garages.
  • New homes are more energy-efficient. Modern energy-efficient construction methods offer higher quality insulated windows, more efficient heating and cooling systems, and high-tech insulation methods that ensure you stay comfortable while bringing down costs.
  • New homes are under warranty. Builder and product manufacturer warranties protect you over time if problems develop.
  • New homes are easier to maintain. Modern low-maintenance building materials like cement-planked siding, vinyl windows, and easy-care counter surfaces ensure your new home stays beautiful with minimal upkeep.
  • New homes embrace modern technology. You’ll be able to seamlessly install the latest advances in home technology, like smart pads for heating and lighting control or multiple phone lines and high-speed internet and cable connections.


At Westerra Custom Homes, we offer all the advantages of choice. You’ll personalize every aspect of your new custom home: room design and ceiling heights, color selection, finishes, window placement—in fact, you can customize your new home right down to the doorknobs. We offer you professional assistance and years of experience, and we’re committed to building the new custom home of your dreams.


New homes mean new choices for a new lifestyle. It’s hard to beat a new home!