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Is A New Custom Home Right for You?

The idea of being the very first owner of a brand-new home is a thrilling one. You’ve chosen the freshly-painted colors yourself and carefully selected the brand-new appliances. The floors are polished to a glow—and you’re the first person to walk across them. Everything is clean, new, and untouched. But new homes offer more than […]

Sequim: A Leader in Health

Sequim is one of the most beautiful places on the Olympic Peninsula, and it’s no wonder so many people have chosen to retire here. But the area has more to offer than just gorgeous scenery, plenty of recreational opportunities, and the famous Olympic Rain Shadow: Sequim is also home to some of the best healthcare […]

Welcome to the Rain Shadow!

When most people think of Washington winters, they think of rain. And for much of western Washington, that tends to be the case—but not in the “banana belt” of Sequim, which enjoys five times as many sunny days every year as nearby Seattle. What’s the magic secret? A meteorological effect known as the Olympic Rain […]

Winter Wonderland: Five Easy Year-Round Hikes

Think winter in western Washington means staying indoors? Think again! Olympic National Park offers plenty of wintertime recreational options, from casual strolls to strenuous hikes. Whether you’re looking for magical views of snow-covered mountains, quiet walks through mysterious, deep green woods, or a beachcombing adventure, the Olympics have something for everyone—year-round! Remember to be a […]